Chop Socky Whoops Quotes

Chuckie Chan: 1 hour and 975 kitty tocks by my count.

Dr. Wasabi
: (getting his picture taken) Snap me back in time, yo.

KO Joe: Sweet Easter! What the heck is going on?

Dr. Wasabi
: (to Chick P) Who are you?
KO Joe: She's just like us.
Chick P: Your worst nightmare!

Chick P
: Game over, chimps!

: Smile pretty, boss!

 KO Joe: Who left the back door open?

 Chick P: Here's to another year of being the Chop Socky Chooks!

Chick P: Where is he!?

K.O. Joe: We didn't blow that hard.
Chick P: Must be the fuse. 

His Master's Choice Quotes

(KO Joe and Chick P talking to each other)
KO Joe: I don't what's know worse, Wasabi singing or Wasabi World christmas shopping. I don't ever know where to start.
Chick P: Well, with only two shopping days left, you better start now. I only got you and Chuckie left to shop for.
KO Joe: Saving the best for last. What do you get for the cat who has it all?
Chick P: I'm thinking socks.
KO Joe: Socks? You got to be kidding me!

Dr. Wasabi
: I want to open my presents... now!

Chick P: So that's what everyone is after? A stupid toy?!
Chuckie Chan: No, it's more than just a toy. It's the must-have toy of the year!

Snake In The Class Quotes

JJ: Shazam man! Who guessed that selling comics would touch so many lives.

 (Chuckie proving no one knows their secret anymore)
Chuckie Chan: Ladies.
Ladies: Get lost, creep!

K.O. Joe: Hey, don't I get a say in this?

Chick P
: The Chop Socky Chooks never surrender!

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Breath Quotes

Chuckie Chan: Wasabi has just let the dog out of the bag.
KO Joe: Cat, Chuckie. Cat.
Chuckie Chan: He has just let the dog out of the cat.

KO Joe: We're gonna need a small miracle.
Chick P: One small miracle coming up. (pulls out a TV remote)
KO Joe: We're gonna watch TV?

(Chuckie Chan waves to siren sung after he climbs the building)
Siren Sung: Look, there's the bozo who owes me 6 bucks!
Chuckie Chan: She remembered me

KO Joe: (as he and Chick P cover their ears at the sound of Siren Sung's voice) Well, they do say love is blind.
Chick P: Yeah. Deaf too, apparently.

In Your Dreams Quotes

KO Joe: (to ninja monkey) What do ya say, bubbles? You think you're fast enough?

Chick P: (to KO Joe, about his afro comb after landing and him pulling it back) Sure, it's fun now until someone loses an eye.
KO Joe: Hihihi!

Chuckie Chan: (after first nightmare) Another night without sleep. Even the mightiest bicycle cannot stand if it is too tired

Chick P: Three against two, not a fair fight.
KO Joe: Yeah, you chumps are going to need more chimps

Do You Want Thighs With That Quotes

Chick P: I thought you monks treated your bodies like temples, not trash disposals.
Chuckie Chan: That is true, but that was then, and this is delicious.

KO Joe: (to Dr. Wasabi, about the hamburgers' special sauce) You're feeding the fat you suck out of these suckers right back to some of the suckers you sucked it from... sucker!

Chuckie Chan: (about Dr. Wasabi) It is useless. His brain is gone.
KO Joe: How can you tell the difference?

(Dr. Wasabi starts a commercial while KO Joe and Chick P are watching something)
Chick P: Not another commercial.
KO Joe: What's he selling this time?

(after applying for the job so they can find out what's in the secret sauce)
KO Joe: I hate you guys for this. This hair net is doing nothing for my fro.
Chuckie Chan: Oh no, Joe, we are blessed with work. (pulls out a burger) And free burgers.
KO Joe: Dude, that fell on the floor. Have you seen the floor?
Chuckie Chan: Yes, but it is said that true nourishment need not spring from... ah, forget it. (starts eating the burger)

(after seeing what Dr. Wasabi's sauce is)
Chooks: Ah, ah, ah.
Chuckie Chan: You mean Wasabi's secret sauce is actually...
Chick P: Secreted sauce.
KO Joe: Sucked from the butts of his lipo lounge costumers, uh...
Chuckie Chan: I need to seriously rethink my eating habits. (makes a chicken sound)

Chick P: (to KO Joe) There's lardzilla.
KO Joe: (to Chick P) So, where's our other blubber boy?

If Looks Could Kill Quotes

(waiting for Oni to call)
KO Joe: Chuckles!
Chuckie Chan: Joseph!
Chuckie Chan: You are looking well.
KO Joe: You got that right. Is there anything not to like?
Chuckie Chan: Do you want a list?
KO Joe: You are dreaming if you think Oni would pick you over me.
Chuckie Chan: Well, we will just have to wait and see.
KO Joe: Okay, then we will just have to wait and...
(Chook alarm rings)
Chuckie Chan: (thinking it's the phone) It is for me.
KO Joe: I got it.
Chick P: It's a Chook alarm, not the phone.
Chuckie Chan: (puts the phone with no one on it up to his ear) We will call you back. We have much to deal with.
Chick P: You got that right. 

Dr. Wasabi
: Don't look at me like that. 

KO Joe
: (to Chick P) Sweet Easter. You sure you want this in one piece? This is the butt ugliest doll I ever saw.

Chick P: (to Oni) Look, you're all grown up.
Chuckie Chan: So grown up.
Oni: Last time we saw each other, we were just kids.
KO Joe: So not a kid.
(both guys rush over)
KO Joe: (to Oni) Where you been all my life, sugar?
Chuckie Chan: The pleasure is entirely mine.

Chick P: Will you two roosters knock it off? If you want to talk about chicks, how about the one that just got away.
KO Joe: Point taken, Chickadee.
Chuckie Chan: It's better to lose in love than love a loser.
KO Joe: Amen, brother.
Chuckie Chan: Like Joe.
KO Joe: Hey!

Double Trouble Quotes

Chuckie Chan: I am seeing it, but I am not believing it!

Dr. Wasabi
: Destroy the Chop Socky Chooks.

Chick P
: Wow, whoever designed this really knew what he was doing.
Chuckie Chan: Dr. Wasabi?
KO Joe: Dude, she said, "really knew what he was doing."

Chick P: (to Professor Shericon) I don't know what's worse: being hit on by a big ape or being betrayed by you

Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't Quotes

Bubba: It's hammer time!
KO Joe: I'll show you hammer time!
Dr. Wasabi: Oh, it's on now!

 Audience: KO Joe! KO Joe!
Bubba: KO Joe! KO Joe! (Dr. Wasabi looks at him angry) Uh Oh! Uh Oh!

KO Joe
: (to Ninja Chimps) Level with me fellas, the lack of pants, is that just a comfort thing or is it because you like to sniff each others butts?

Ninja Chimp: Mock us to your liking but it is you, who will be circus trained by we!

K.O. Joe
: Is the doctor in? It hurts when I do this! (punches security robot)

Kobura Strikes Quotes

KO Joe: I could sure go for a nice, cool glass of antidote right now.
Chick P: None for me, I'm driving.

KO Joe: (as he wakes up) Hanging upside-down, sudden death approaching... that must have been some date.

Chuckie Chan
: (to Kobura about Joe and Chick P) They play no part in our quarrel. Give them the antidote.
Kobura: Of course I will give them the antidote. Then, we can all go to the park, and have some banana splits.
Chuckie Chan: Now you are making fun of me.

Chuckie Chan: (about Kobura) Snakeman speaks with fork-tongue, and still has trouble with letter S.

 Chuckie Chan: You look kind of familiar. What was your name again? Toby? Moby?
Kobura: The name is Coby, but now I am Kobura!

Big Bad Bubba Quotes

KO Joe: (to Bubba) So what's going down, Wasabi got you mooked into looking for some long lost girlfriend? (points to a fishhead)

KO Joe
: Sweet Easter! He ate C.P... and my doughnut! (cries) Oh, man, I can't look!
Chuckie: Wait, look!
KO Joe: I said I can't look, man. Can't you hear plain English?!

Chuckie Chan: Knock knock.
Bubba: Who's there?
Chuckie Chan: Boo.
Bubba: Boo who?
Chuckie Chan: (kicks him) Don't cry, it's only a mild concussion.

(Chick P trying to get Joe to find the portal)
Chick P: I'll buy you pizza.
KO Joe: How 'bout Chinese?
Chick P: Fine.
KO Joe: Let's find that portal.

Game Over Chooks Quotes

KO Joe: All right? Now how about a great big hand for my man Chuckie! (metal hand falls on ground and missed) Didn't mean *that* big hand!

Itchi: The sensei sees all, he's like psychotic or something.
Chuckie Chan: Psychic is probably the word for which you seek.(Itchi fainted)

Chuckie Chan: Ume, Ume, Ume, you would do well to remember that the turtle does not learn the backstroke in the cornfield.
Ume: Yeah, I've gotta remember that.

Chick P: This looks bad, guys.
KO Joe: Any ideas?
Chuckie Chan: It is said when the mighty lion roars, you must put head in mouth to check for toothache.
KO Joe: Any other ideas?

Chuckie Chan: At last, Wasabi's hindquarters.
KO Joe: That's "headquarters," Chuckie.

 KO Joe: This is a trap, right?
Chick P: Oh, yeah, this is a trap.
Chuckie Chan: But does not the minnow risk sharp teeth to sleep on the tiger's tongue?
KO Joe: What?
Chick P: Just get in.
KO Joe: Who'd want to sleep on some cat's tongue?

Dr. Wasabi
: My long search is over.
Bubba: It seems like only yesterday that your long search began.
Dr. Wasabi: It was only yesterday! It just seems longer because I'm a very impatient man!