Game Over Chooks

Dr. Wasabi uses the Chooks to be the power source of a new video game. This video game will actually kill the Chooks in real life.

Big Bad Bubba

Bubba accidentally releases an evil demon that possesses his body. When the Chooks realize this, they try to stop the demon from reaching Wasabi World.

Kobura Strikes

A rival of Chuckie Chan comes to Wasabi World so that he can take him and the Chooks down.

Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't

KO Joe protests Dr. Wasabi's decision to ban solar blading in Wasabi World. Because of this, the Ninja Chimps and the Chooks must face off in a rollerblading competition at Dr. Wasabi's arena

Double Trouble

Chick P visits her old mentor when robotic Chooks attack Wasabi World. Once there, she tries to find out where the Chooks came from. Unfortunately, all signs point to the fact that her old teacher is working for Dr. Wasabi.

If Looks Could Kill

Chick P holds a reunion with her old friend Oni. Meanwhile, Deadeye has a new scheme to take over Wasabi World and the Chooks investigate. During the investigation, they discover why Chick P's family has lost its honor.

Do You Want Thighs With That

Citizens of Wasabi World are getting fatter with every Wasabi Burger they eat. Luckily, Dr. Wasabi has set up liposuction centers all around Wasabi World. It's up to the Chooks to discover what exactly is inside the burgers.

Night Of The Karaoke Zombies

While visiting the Karaoke Korral, the Chooks discover that Wasabi plans on changing the mall-dwellers of the peaceful level into living zombies.

The Level That Time Forgot

The Chooks are trapped in a prehistoric game level when Wasabi attacks the group. Things take a turn for the worse, when the inhabitants find Chick P to be the Queen of the Neandermalls.

Bushido Babies

The Chooks are up against their toughest opponents yet - a group of babies. These babies aren't exactly typical, however. That's because they've been drinking Wasabi's new milk in a plan to make an army of Bushido Babies.

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Breath

When Wasabi makes plans to marry the mermaid Siren Sung.For an wedding gift to his bride Dr. Wasabi announces he intends to flood Wasabi World. It's up to the Chooks to stop the wedding.

The Codfather

Chick P wants Bubba to be the fourth member of the Chop Socky Chooks after Wasabi fires him for the Hairy Sumo Brothers. However, Bubba only seems to get in the way when it comes to fighting in battles.

The Mark Of Bantam

After Wasabi makes a foolish television show of his enemy Bantam, the Chooks have to save the day.

In Your Dreams

Chuckie Chan is captured as a prisoner in Wasabi's Dream World because he has insomnia. To save Chuckie Chan, Chick P comes up with a plan to rescue him by sending KO Joe into Dream World. While in Dream World, both of the guys have to face their nightmares.

Return Of The Other Cheek

When Wasabi finds out that the Iron Butt Monk's power comes from the Twin Cheeks of the Apocalypse, he sends Bubba in to steal it. However, Bubba is only able to steal one, meaning the Cosmic Wind will attack Wasabi World. It's up to the Chooks to bring the two Cheeks back together.

Planet Of Bubba

Bubba fixes Wasabi's TV satellite and is accidentally struck by some sort of powerful force. This force causes Bubba to become super smart and he uses his smarts to put the Wasabi World citizens in a zoo. It's up to the Chooks to find a way to stop Bubba's new evil plans.

His Master's Choice

Chuckie Chan's master senses trouble in the Cosmic Balance, and traces it back to its source - Dr. Wasabi's new toy, the Karmagotcha. The Karmagotcha steals its owners' good karma. But Chuckie Chan is ordered to return to his monastery, leaving only K.O. Joe and Chick P to stop Dr. Wasabi's evil plot.

Snake In Class

When the Chooks secret identities are revealed, they must go into hiding. Chuckie Chan's pupil's then become the Junior Chooks to act as the Chooks go-betweens, but Chuckie suspects there may be a traitor among them.

Appalling 13

Dr. Wasabi offers the mall-dwellers free trips to the moon, but the Chooks discover that it's part of his evil scheme to make them work as slaves in his space mine.

The Chooks Of Hazard

The Chooks compete in a wacky race against Wasabi World's most dangerous villains to prevent Dr. Wasabi from obtaining the components for a deadly Doomsday device.

Enter The Chickens

To prove to his students that the pure path of Kung Fu is best, Chuckie Chan convinces the Chooks to participate in Dr. Wasabi's Ultimate Martial Artist contest. However, Dr. Wasabi knows that they'll make it to the final round, so he rigs the contest to stack the odds against them.

Swarm Welcome

Dr. Wasabi tries to obtain the powers of a radioactive bug, but things go awry and Wasabi World is overrun by cockroaches.

The Lamest Show On Earth

Chuckie Chan is entrusted with guarding a rare and valuable dragon egg. When the egg hatches, the Chooks must take care of the baby dragon and keep it from falling into the hands of Dr. Wasabi.

Isle Be Seeing You

The Chooks wake up on a mysterious island filled with dangerous perils as part of Dr. Wasabi's new, deadly, reality TV show.

Chop Socky Whoops

Dr. Wasabi decides to go back in time to the day the Chooks formed and prevent them from ever meeting each other.

Down The Drain

Dr. Wasabi's central computer starts to go haywire, making the various electronic equipment in the mall attack the customers. The Chooks must fight the mall itself, as Dr. Wasabi is nowhere to be found.The answer lies beneath the sewer