KO Joe / {His disguise name} JJ

Joe is a streetwise comic shop owner. He owns a classic wooden skateboard and can really shred the mall. His afro comb is also capable of acting as a grappling hook. He has been afraid of jelly beans after a traumatic childhood event in which a jelly bean got stuck up his nose. Joe is known to have the shortest temper of the Chooks (he threw a barber through a window for cutting a hole in his afro, stuffed a dry cleaner into the suit he shrunk, and went crazy when someone gave him espresso coffee instead of decaf). His main catchphrase is "Sweet Easter!" Although the rest of the world has seemed to have moved on to Solar boards, Joe sticks with his skateboard to "Kick it old school". Joe's 1970's lifestyle is a homage to martial arts movies from the 1970s.

Chick P / {Her disguise name} Chickadee Pao

Chick P is the most hypnotizing of the Chop Socky Chooks. She uses her accessories as weapons, such as her fans (their edges are razor sharp) and her lip balm-bomb(a plastic explosive)[2]. She works as mall maintenence in Wasabi World. She blames Wasabi for destroying her childhood home to build Wasabi World, and corrupting her friend Oni. Chick P's name is based on chick peas, a chinese side dish.

Chuckie Chan / {His disguise name} Sensei Chan

Chuckie is the shortest of the Chooks. He is also the wisest and has powers are called "Pow Kung" in which he fires a green energy orb, and he is phsyic. There is not much to say about him except that he is afraid of rubber duckies. He grew up in a monastary and speaks broken English. In the mall, Chuckie works as a martial arts instructor at Wasabi World's Dojo[3]. Chuckie's name is based on actor Jackie Chan.He also seems to be afraid of ducks

Dr. Wasabi

An evil German-accented piranha made of wasabi paste who is the main villain of the series. He's the owner of Wasabi World, the main archenemy of the Chop Socky Chooks and the leader of the ninja monkey army. .


Dr. Wasabi's fat, huge, and dimwitted gorilla servant. In Big Bad Bubba, it is revealed that he is illiterate[4]. His childish nature may be some sort of weakness despite his inability to read but still, his intimidation and temper seem to be the source of his own orders to the Ninja Monkeys. He also seems to have a crush on Chickadee.

Ninja Chimps

A group of ninja-like monkeys who serve as the foot soldiers of Dr. Wasabi.


An ancient demon who is supposed to be so powerful and evil that he had to be bottled up by the Ruler of the Underworld. In Big Bad Bubba, he possesses Bubba in an attempt to open a portal to the underworld. However, Bubba's inability to read slowed him down long enough for Chick P to make Bubba sneeze Omnioni out of him and back into the underworld[5].

Kobi / Kobura

An anthropomorphic cobra who is Chuckie Chan's rival since before the show's history. Like how Chuckie is overconfident, Kobi's anger is strong. After he was bitten by cobras, he changed into a insane, antagonistic, merciless berserker and was banished forever. Soon, years later, Kobi becomes a snake-like being with the ability to possess strength, control cobras, and deadly venom that will explode a person's heart by sunset. The Chooks were poisoned by Kobura and his snakes and attempt to find the cure before sundown. When they were finally cured, Kobura lunges toward K.O. Joe only to fall off a tower where his final battle with Chuckie took place

Chop Socky Chooks Replicas

Replicas of the Chooks made to obey Wasabi. The replicas were created by Chick P's old teacher to convince the public that the Chooks were evil. They are programmed to then transform into giant robots to destroy the originals, then take a dive when Dr. Wasabi came to bring down "the Chooks." Chick P was able to destroy all three by dropping them into a vat of molten steel.

Oni / Deadeye

She appeared in the episode "If Looks Could Kill". As a child, she used to be Chick P's best friend, but apparently had a left eye condition. Wasabi used this to his advantage and taught her to use her eye (which is why she donned the name Deadeye). Once she came into town, she greeted her friend, but then left to settle business with Wasabi to negotiate. As Deadeye, Oni is the one who actually made Chick P's father allow Wasabi to break it down, as she specializes in hypnosis and altering reality. As Chick P is about to finish her, she says "I can't control and neither can you" and mysteriously vanishes, leaving a sad Chick P and a dazed K.O. Joe and Chuckie to regret.

Professor Shericon

.Chick P's old mentor. He has a crab-like appearance. He appeared in the episode "Double Trouble" where Dr. Wasabi used him to create robotic clones of the Chop Socky Chooks. His name is a play on "shuriken".

Citizens of Wasabi World

These appear in every episode.The Citizens live at Wasabi World.

The Cabbage Lady

A woman with a cabbage. She appeared in "If Looks Could Kill" when Deadeye disguised herself as her. Her only line was "Cabbage?"

Baby Wasabi

When Wasabi's brain was in the hands of a fat monster he became a brainless baby.It happened in the episode "Do you want Thighs with That"

Fat Monster

It appeared in the episode "Do you want Thighs with That"

Mr. Quackers

Mr.Quackers is Chuckie's worst nightmare.He came in "In Your Dreams

Siren Sung

A mermaid songtress who can't sing very good. She almost married Dr. Wasabi but died after being sucked down a drain.

Chuckie's Master

A one-eyed old man that was the master of Chuckie and Kobi when they were kids. He first appears in "Kobura Strikes". He appears in person in "His Master's Choice."

Gigantic  Jellybean  Machine

This monstrosity happens to be the worst nightmare of K.O. Joe, as Joe had a trumatic childhood incident where a jelly bean gets stuck on his nose. The Gigantic Jelly Bean Machine makes allies with the giant, mechanical rubber duck Mr. Quackers to destroy both Chuckie Chan and Joe. However, the jelly bean machine is defeated alongside Mr. Quackers where Chuckie and Joe switch nightmares to fight back.

Jurassic Shark

A large metallic shark with extremely hard teeth and weaponry hidden through his body. Wasabi used him to destroy the Chooks while in a game world by draining Ume, one of Chuckie's students,even coming close to killing him, but while Wasabi and Bubba were trying to get a coin to power Shark-bot back to life, Ume escaped and drained all of her gaming skills back,causing Wasabi to not have the power to control Shark-bot anymore. K.O. Joe quickly disposed of Shark-bot, freeing themselves from Wasabi's game.


Evil little toys that suck out a persons good karma by hugging them. Wasabi used them to suck the karma out of everyone on Christmas Eve to use for himself. They appear in "His Master's Choice." They're name is a parody of the Tamagatchi virtual pets.