Chop Socky Whoops Trivia

We get to see how the Chop Socky Chooks formed.

 It is never revealed how the future Chop Socky Chooks came back in time to warn their past selves that Dr. Wasabi had built a time machine in the first place.

A picture of Chick P's mother and father can be seen in this episode.

It is revealed in this episode that when Dr. Wasabi was first building his mall, he had brown hair and was originally planning to call it Wasabi Burg

Episode Title
Chop Socky Whoops is a take on the show's real name, Chop Socky Chooks.

CN Video Date: June 2- June 9.

The Cake has six candles on it

Dr. Wasabi from the past had glasses and Dr. Wasabi from the present had laser eye surgery.

When the Chooks formed, Dr. Wasabi had one ninja chimp and didn't know what a sentry bot was till Dr. Wasabi from the future gave him more Ninja Chimps and sentry bots

His Master's Choice Trivia

"Karmagotcha" is a spoof of the toy, Tomagotchi

Second appearance of Chuckie's master.

It is Christmas time in this episode

CN Video Date: May 26-June 2

Snake In The Class Trivia

First appearance of the Junior Chooks.

  CN Video Date: May 19-26.

Chuckie Chan wears briefs

Kobura makes his second appearance.

Their secret identities are:

Chuckie Chan = Sensei Chan
KO Joe = JJ
Chick P = Chickadee Pow

Each of the Junior Chooks are most like one of the Chooks.

The Slaying Mantis is most like KO Joe,
the Lady Bug is most like Chick P
 the Dung Beetle is most like Chuckie Chan.

The Junior Chooks are:

1. Slaying Mantis
2. Lady Bug
3. Dung Beetle

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Breath Trivia

Chuckie Chan, Siren Sung and Dr. Wasabi are tone deaf.

Episode Title: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath
"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath" is a spoof off of the phrase, "Speak now or forever hold your peace."

Siren Sung sings really horribly due to her name is Siren Sung.

First appearance of Siren Sung.

CN Video Date: May 13-19

Siren Sung has a tattoo of a dragon on her left arm and a bunch of other tattoos that you really can't figure out what they are.

When Dr. Wasabi starts flooding Wasabi World, the water comes out of the organ that she was playing.

In Your Dreams Trivia

KO Joe is afraid of jellybeans due to an incident where he shoved one up his nose.

This episode is called "In Your Dreams" because KO Joe goes in to Chuckie Chan's dream.

 Chuckie Chan is afraid of rubber duckies.

CN Video Date: May 5-12

"In your Dreams" is also an insult phrase where someone asks if they will be something or do something, and someone says "in your dreams," considering it will nwver happen.

First appearance of Mr. Quackers and the gigantic jellybean machine.

Do You Want Thighs With That Trivia

CN Video Date: April 21-28

First time we see Dr. Wasabi as a baby.

First appearance of the fat monster and Baby Wasabi.

 We learn that when Dr. Wasabi's on metal leave, Bubba is in charge.

 When they walk up the pipes, Chick P enters first, but KO Joe is in first.

If Looks Could Kill Trivia

CN Video Date: April 14-21

We find out what Chick P's personal grudge against Wasabi is. When Chick P was a child, Wasabi was demanding her father to sell the land so he could build Wasabi World. Wasabi used Oni's "deadeye" to hypnotize Pao into signing away the land

This is the first episode that did not air on a Friday

This was the first Chop Socky Chooks episode to be aired on Cartoon Network Thursday Nights.

First appearance of Oni.

Dr. Wasabi knows a lot of goths.

When Oni turns into Deadeye, she has eyes on her suit.

Double Trouble Trivia

First appearance of Chick P's old mentor and the robot chooks

Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't Trivia

The scene with the Chimp saying "Like a child, we will spank you without pants" got deleted out.

The title of the episode is based on the popular saying, "Now you see 'em, now you don't

It is revealed that KO Joe has a short temper. It is defined by three clips.

1. When he had a bad haircut.

2. When his outfit shrunk in the washing machine.

3. When he got espresso coffee instead of decaf.

Kobura Strikes Trivia

First time (via flashback) that Chuckie Chan has been seen as a young student.

 First time that Dr. Wasabi and Bubba have not appeared in an episode.

 When Kobura was training for the last time, he was bitten by a lot of snakes and the venom turned him into a snake. He wanted to have revenge on Chuckie Chan, because he lost focus on the mission by Chuckie Chan and then he got kicked out.

First appearance of Kobura.

First appearance of Chuckie Chan's master

Big Bad Bubba Trivia

The "two for one" and the "makeover" scenes got cut out.

First appearance of the Omnioni

Game Over Chooks Trivia

This is the first time we see Chuckie use his physic powers.
We find out that Chuckie has physic powers

Pilot episode of Chop Socky Chooks.

First appearance of the Chooks, Dr. Wasabi, Bubba, the Ninja Chimps, Ume, and Itchi.

In If Looks Could Kill before Oni comes KO Joe and Chuckie Chan say no girl will come between them but when Oni steps in the start fighting.

The Chop Socky Chooks site on Cartoon Network has a game you can play as KO Joe called Big Trouble in Wasabi Warehouse.

 Aardman Animations also worked on Wallace and Gromit, Flushed Away, and Chicken Run.

In Australia, Britain, and New Zealand, some people refer to chickens as chooks.

Even though they're chickens, none of the chooks characters have beaks.