Double Trouble Trivia


Professer Shericon                                1
Chick P                                                   2
KO Joe                                                    3
Chuckie Chan                                         4
Dr. Wasabi                                             5
Bubba                                                     6
Ninja Chimps                                          7
Citizens of wasabi world                        8

Double Trouble Quotes

2: { to 6 } Well a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do { Gets a girly voice and takes her nail file and starts cutting the rope} Hey bubbwis If this really is going to fire at us can't a prettie lady get a last request  6: A last requst  2: It's not much I just want a kiss good bye  6: A kiss from me Bubba can do that  2: Then come over here you big hunky monkey { 6 rushes over there } Now close your eyes Here it comes { hits him with a wrench}

4: Man who has quarrel with himself has truely ment his match

3: Sweet Easter is that what you chicks look like before you put your face on

2: If we can find who made them  we can find a way to brake them

1: Now then what brings a nice girl like you to a place like this

3: Anything good on  4: Nothing educational, Smart, or Well-Written  3: Alright don't you just love Sundays

3: Any last words.  4: It was good to know you Joe  3: Not you I was talking to them